Genealogy in Bulgaria

There are already a lot of websites recommending genealogical links. Therefore, I’m focusing only on links concerning Bulgarian genealogy.

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Ivan Marangozov - Novoselskoto Westanie



This interesting book about the Apriltsi Uprising in 1876 contains not only the history about the Novoselskian Republic but also a lot of details about local families, mainly Novo Selo.
ISBN 9545790172, 9789545790171


Dr. Ivan Patchnikov - Blagoslov na Novo Selo


Memories about Novo Selo, nowadays Apriltsi, and his inhabitants. Lots of Information about local families.
ISBN 9548317796. Can be ordered via Kubon & Sagner.


Ganev, Grigor - Rodowete w Ostretz, Trojansko



A book about all families of Ostrets, now part of Apriltsi. It contains X family trees and additional information about the family.


Straschimiroff, Dimiter – Historia na Aprilskoto Westanie, 1907



Ebook under

 Felix Philipp Kanitz - Donau-Bulgarien und der Balkan, Bd. 1-3
  Ebook under


Mailinglists and Fora


BulgariaGenWeb Project       



Two Mailinglists for Bulgaria and Bulgarian Nobility


Forum Bulgaria on


Yahoo group Bulgarian Roots


Database of Bulgarian People


Concerning living people



Have a look for voting-lists. If you know the city, check the voting list on the website of the municipality.


Enzyclopedia of Bulgarian Families



List of old bulgarian families. You can also publish your family there under certain circumstances.


Bulgarian Families and their trees


GeneaNet – Bulgaria Search Engine – Bulgarian Science incl. Search Engine


Search Engine for people who were killed in Balkan War 1912-13


Associations and Professional Helpers





Bulzone and the Bulgarian leading newspaper "24 hours" work together to help hundreds of people from Bulgaria and all around the world to find their friends and relatives. Incl. Messageboard




Project “Bulgarians” of 


Y-Chromosome Diversity in Modern Bulgarians: New Clues about Their Ancestry



Article online


Other interesting links


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